Young Adults

And when He has found it, He will joyfully carry it home on His shoulders. 

Luke 15:5

We’re excited to partner and connect with thinkers and doers, creators and curators, servants and sinners, inviters and includers to bring hope to the world. We weren’t designed to do life alone. We invite you to come to join a thriving community of young people, as you navigate this season of life together. Be part of regular social gatherings. Drawing closer to Jesus, building authentic community, and having a ton of fun together along the way! Going into your first job and navigating the early stages of your career doesn’t have to be a struggle. At Oikos, we’re all about gathering and growing the lives of young people. We have a weekly Bible Study, monthly gatherings, and Sunday School.

Welcome Home

Thursday  7:00 pm

Oikos is our humble attempt to allow Jesus to carry us home. Where we find rest and are refreshed for the work ahead.


You Belong Here.

Connecting young adults to God, the church, and each other. We believe we need to feed the soul, and strengthen relationships. We try to meet up once a month, whether its hiking, going to a theme park, or volunteering at our food pantry. 


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