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We all experience different seasons in life. Sometimes, we feel like we’re on top of the world, riding the wave of success and happiness. Other times, we experience difficult circumstances, challenges in our relationships, and/or painful transitions. 

Baby Dedications

Having your baby or child/children dedicated is a joyous occasion for everyone. You as parents, stand on the platform before the congregation, dedicating yourselves to God, declaring to raise your child/children in a Godly manner, following God’s Biblical instruction in obedience to Him. We as a congregation, will embrace your child and pour love and Biblical teachings into your child/children so that we may use every opportunity to have a Godly impact in their life as they grow.
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How do I get married at Florence Avenue Foursquare Church?
We’re glad you asked! We would be honored and excited to have you celebrate your special day with us!
Note: We estimate that the premarital process, from class attendance to booking the date, is a 90-day process.
Step 1: Call our church office. Our friendly receptionist will check your dates and let you know the availability. Once availability is confirmed then she will partner you with one of our Pastors to lead you through the premarital counseling process.
Step 2: Meet as a couple with your private counselor. Here you will discuss the meaning of marriage, and practical steps of coming together as husband and wife, for example, budgets, vacations, family holidays and so on.
Step 3: Once counseling is complete, connect with our church office, to finalize the process.

For more information, call our church office (562) 868 -2234, or e-mail

Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding some more delicate matters.
Does going through the process guarantee that FAFC will officiate my ceremony?
Not necessarily. The majority of couples going through the premarital classes end up getting married by a FAFC pastor. However, there are some relationships that have concerns that will lead FAFC to opt out of performing the ceremony. These concerns include, but are not limited to: great financial duress in the potential marriage, refusal to abstain from sexual relations/fornication prior to marriage, serious irreconcilable conflict prior to marriage, an unhealthy pattern of marriage and divorce in one’s life that has not been healed or dealt with.

Can same sex couples get married at FAFC?
Due to our understanding of God’s Word, we are not officiating same sex couples. Our Biblical Counseling Ministry would be glad to sit down to discuss this matter with any couples who would like to engage in a deeper conversation.

Hospital Visits

Scripture tells us is James 5:13-14, “Is any among you sick? Let them call upon the elders of the church and pray over them.” If you or a loved one is in the hospital and would like prayer, please contact our church office.
For more information, call our church office (562) 868 -2234, or e-mail

Funeral/Memorial Service

As you experience the loss of a loved one, we want to come alongside you in this time of grief. Our hope is that, as part of the FAFC family, we can assist in making this difficult time less burdensome by comforting you emotionally, encouraging you spiritually, and assisting you in the practical details of arranging a funeral/memorial service to honor your loved one.
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