Leaders: Jose Suarez

Meeting: The Second Saturday of every month at 6am at “Christine’s” donut shop.

 These are one-day trips into Mexico and back. The team leaves early in the morning with food and donated items for 75 families. When the team arrives there are people waiting for them and they present the Word of God to them, listen to their problems, pray with them and give them the donated items and food. Afterward the team goes to Pastor Humberto’s house and church to fellowship.



(Community Clothing Ministry)

Leaders: Chris Luna, Rigo Calderon, Anne Matarese

Meeting: 7:45 am – 11:00 am the third Saturday of the month  in the Otto Street parking lot

Reaching out to the local community in prayer and clothing needs offering food and fellowship. Clothing donated by the church is displayed on tables in the Otto Street parking lot and given away to those in need who walk in off the street or come from the Food Pantry and other ministries taking place during the same time.



Leader: Abel and Heather Prado, Eddie Barrios

The league is open to children from Pre K to 8th grade with separate teams for boys and girls. Our league emphasizes sportsmanship, skills, character and spiritual values, participation at every game, positive coaching and FUN. The league is 6 weeks long with one practice and one game per week. The season will be starting on Saturday, Jan. 23rd. Practices will begin the week of Monday, Jan. 4th. Dates subject to change.